Dusty Old Art Turned Awesome By the Addition of Creepy Monsters

These dusty works of art could use something to spice them up, Thyrza Segal must have thought. The Canadian artist makes typical “boring” art, bought from thrift¬†shops and flea markets, just a bit more fun by adding crazy monsters into the scenes.

Below you can see the before and after pictures.

Which version is better?

This is a gorgeous litho from about the 1930’s that has not faded at all.¬†The original painting is from 1894 by Thomas Moran entitled “High up in the Rockies”
oil paint 1

Version 2.0
monsters 2-10

This one was pretty damaged/ faded

Gone Fishing.


This adorable vintage paint by numbers painting was given to Thyrza by a friend


Sure, maybe Thyrza went a little to far, but I bet she managed to amuse herself though


This is a vintage litho- (guessing 1960’s), it was a bit faded but not too bad

monsterless prints0001

Can you imagine anything more frightening than a toddler with four legs? Those extra appendages make her pretty fast for maximum damage.

toddler and kitty_0001_tif

Vintage print of a Ruglei painting…looks like Spain but I’m not sure.

pm partial monster

It takes people a minute to see that a partial view of a Cloverfield-like monster is in the port.

August 19 2014_0011_tif

Hula Girl

hula girl

“Mom, dad.. meet my new boyfriend”

August 19 2014_0008

Vintage lake painting


Fun at the lake

Fun At The Lake

Another typical vintage landscape

lake monsterless 01

And another scene straight from my nightmares

lake monster

If you want to see more, check out Thyrza’s site.