Vet Who Posed With A Dead Lion He Shot, Just Fell 100ft To His Death While Shooting Birds

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The infamous vet, Luziano Ponzetto, who received death threats and hate mail last year after posing with big game animals he shot, has died while hunting birds in Italy. The 55-year-old Ponzetto had a veterinary clinic near Turin, Italy. But after sparking worldwide fury among animal lovers by posing smiling next to a lion he had shot and then uploading it onto his Facebook page, he was forced to step down as the medical director of a kennel business…

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He hit back at critics by saying: “I know that I have done nothing wrong.

“I am being criticized by people who do not know me, I have always loved my work and I have always loved animals.

“I will carry on hunting until the law changes.”

Ponzetto’s last hunting trip proved to be fatal. Officials say he was out hunting with pals when he slipped on ice and fell down a 100ft ravine at Colle delle Oche in hills above the Italian city of Turin. Before he died, he had only recently returned from a shooting trip to Canada telling friends he had bagged several big hits.

The infamous vet Luciano Ponzetto enjoyed hunting big game animals as a hobby

After pictures of him with trophy kills emerged on social media, it sparked a massive backlash

The latest news report the notorious vet just died in an accident while hunting wild birds

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