Parents Convince Their Boy That His Favorite Toy Elephant Isn’t Lost But Travelling The World!


Last week, I stupidly let my daughter hold her cuddly toy on the way back from the nursery and she dropped it on the street. Now it’s lost and she keeps asking for it. Of course, I tried to give her a substitute toy, but no… she only wants Mr. Partycake.. Your kid losing his favorite toy is just one of those heartbreaking things that most parents will have to deal with sooner or later. And so was the case with Redditor kontankarite, when his little boy lost his favorite toy elephant.

However, instead of breaking his son’s heart by telling him the truth, this dad came up with a far better idea! He told his kid that his little elephant buddy wasn’t missing at all. No, he simply decided to go on adventures and travel the world. Through Reddit he called upon the internet’s army of Photoshop wizards to make it look like the toy elephant was traveling as many exotic locations as possible…