She Lost Her Memory and Fell in Love with the Same Boyfriend all Over Again – True Love Can’t Be Defeated

What would you do if your soul mate lost his or her memory, and saw you as a complete stranger with no recollection at all of the life you once shared together? Would you stick around to convince your lover you’re meant to be together no matter what life throws your way?

That is exactly the situation that Rich Bishop from Kent, England, found himself in when his girlfriend suffered a series of strokes on the train that completely robbed her of her memory. Her parents and boyfriend looked like complete strangers to her after she woke up. In fact, she wanted to break up with Rich, as she felt uncomfortable being alone with him. But he wasn’t about to give up on what the two had together so easily, though.

19-year old Jessica suffered from seizures on her way to work and lost her memory completely. She suffered from retrograde amnesia, which caused her to forget all about her love story with Rich. “Everyone Was a Stranger”

When she woke up, she couldn’t remember anyone. Even her mom and dad looked like strangers to her. Jessica saw her mother at her bedside, but all she could do was stare at her blankly. Can you think about something more horrifying than waking up and realize you don’t remember anything, not even your own name? That’s what happened to Jessica.
Her family had to show her photos of them together in order to convince her they were related. She wouldn’t let them touch her or drive her to the hospital otherwise.

She Wanted to Break Up with Him

Jessica had to learn everything about her life all over again. She got reacquainted with her family and friends and tried to put all the pieces together. But she wanted to dump Rich, as she had no memory of their relationship.

He Convinced Her Their Love Was Worth a Shot

Rich didn’t give up so easily, though. He was tenacious enough to convince her that their love was worth a second chance. Rich tried to take her to some of their favorite places, but she had no memory of them. In fact, Jessica says she was terrified at the thought of being alone with him.

2 First Dates

Rich had no other choice than to take things slowly. He started dating Jessica all over again, as if they had never met. He let her re-discover the things that held them together and, as by magic, their love rekindled.

It Can Always happen Again

Two first dates may not be enough for Rich and Jessica. According to the doctors, she has a 50% chance of losing her memory again. And Rich will just have to win her heart over and over again.