While Studying Abroad He Sent His Mother A Life-Size Cutout of Himself. Now See What She Did With It… LOL!

Imgur-user “ienjoybread‘ went to study abroad, and because he didn’t want his mum to miss him too much, he decided to surprise her with a very special gift — a life-size cardboard cutout of himself.

And what do you do with that? Well, mom seems to be entertaining herself with it…

See for yourself!

Ok, so it scared the dog a little …

gift for mum 001

But now he is always there for dinner time…

gift for mum 002

…And mum can read him bedtime stories again like the good ol’ days

gift for mum 003

Always willing to walk the dog…

gift for mum 004

… Or even lend a hand at work

gift for mum 005

Always up for a mother and son lunch…

gift for mum 006

… And Grandma also finally got a chance to see her favorite grandson

gift for mum 008

Cheer for the home team

gift for mum 009

Hang out with the entire family

gift for mum 010

And keeping the family tradition alive by going egg hunting!

gift for mum 011

Mum has never spend so much quality time with her son! 🙂

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