After Gay Bride’s Dad Refuses To Attend Her Wedding, Her Boss Walks Her Down The Isle To Show Support

When Jennifer, an HSBC employee in Taiwan, told her homophobic parents she wanted to marry her partner Sam that she has been dating for 11 years, they not only refused to attend the wedding, but also cut off all contact with her.

Jennifer was devastated by this because her father is very important to her, so she opened up to one of her colleagues about it. She was scared that her colleagues would reject her too, but, to her relief, she found nothing but love and support. The bank’s country CEO, John Li, even decided to walk her down the aisle instead of her father while her colleagues and friends were cheering the newly-wed couple.

Though the couple’s wedding is only ceremonial, because Taiwan has not legalized same-sex marriages, Jennifer hopes that it will give faith to other LGBT couples.