Funny Kids Who Take Instructions Way Too Literally

Those of you with kids, or with kids around, probably know how funny children’s logic can be sometimes. Kids can describe or do something that makes absolutely no sense at all at first, but then after you figured it out, you thought, wow, only a child would have interpreted it that way and it made total sense.

To illustrate this, we’ve collected some of the funniest pictures of kids taking things just a little too literally. From training puppies by showing them Youtube videos, to literally keeping an eye on the ball, these little guys were just trying to follow instructions.

#1. Future lawyer? We told him he couldn’t go outside.

#2. I told my 2-year-old to put her shoes by the front door. She takes me very literally sometimes…

#3. My dad told my son to get ready for a bedtime story adventure, so he grabbed his warm hat and a flashlight.

#4. When your sister uses deodorant for the first time and gets the ruler out because “it has to be 15cm away.”

#5. Not exactly what I had in mind when I told my son it was too nice out to play games inside.

#6. I was fixing the PC, and my son brought his toy: he says, “Sonic will help to increase its speed!”

#7. Ask a silly question…

#8. Lincoln was recently presented with a puppy. His parents invited him to search for some Youtube videos to try training his dog. This is what he did:

#9. One of them finally cracked the code!

#10. My wife asked my son to put a jar of water in our dog’s bowl. Saw this a few hours later. Mission accomplished.

#11. My kid said I gave her too many grapes. I said, “Just eat half of them.”

#12. Toddler was asked to feed the cat.

#13. 2nd Grade homework. My friend’s (awesome) 6-year-old son is autistic and takes instructions literally.

#14. The teacher told me to bring a little fish to observe.

#15. Took My Son To A Modern Art Museum And Told Him That He Needs To Really Think About The Art And What They Are Trying To Say. I Am Not Sure, But I Think I Have A Smartass On My Hands

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#16. “Keep Your Eye On The Ball Son”

© Spiritualbeingonahumanjourney

#17. Directions Where To ‘Draw Hands On The Clocks’

© crowley32