Husband Asks Why His Wife Was fired From A Company She Worked For 11 Years, And Now The Internet Demands Justice

They say that any publicity is good publicity, but it might not be the case for Cracker Barrel, a popular American restaurant chain with a Southern country theme. The company allegedly fired a woman that had worked for them for 11 years, and, according to her husband Bradley Reid Byrd, they didn’t explain why. They only mentioned that Brad’s wife hasn’t been working out.

Brad, understandably, was furious, and turned to the chain’s Facebook page to ask why. While he didn’t get an answer, things escalated pretty hilariously from there. Scroll down and see what we mean!

This man asked a simple question on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page

And things escalated pretty quickly with many concerned people demanding answers for Brad

Brad’s wife had worked for Cracker Barrel for 11 years, and the restaurant chain didn’t give a proper reason for firing her. They only hinted that she wasn’t working out

The hashtag ‘JusticeForBradsWife’ sparked numerous memes

And people started trolling the chain’s Facebook page

On every single post

The chain is ignoring all of their efforts

But that doesn’t stop the trollers

People are coming up with ways to pay Brad’s wife’s hourly wage

And there’s even a petition demanding justice for Brad’s wife. It has already been backed by 23k supporters


People are not about to give up just yet