These Japanese Bags Turn Your Household Junk Into Adorable Rabbits

Tired of seeing stuff cluttering your home that you kind of need but don’t like looking at? Well, no more! Now you can turn all that unsightly junk into adorable rabbits thanks to these fun bunny bags.

Designed by YOU+MORE, these lovable bunnies will brighten up shelves and tabletops in any household. Just place your random desk junk into the bunny cloth, tie up the droopy bunny ears and presto! Your junk is now magically transformed into a little rabbit with a dash of cuteness.

The pouches are inspired by traditional furoshiki, a Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport goods like clothes and gifts.

bunny bags 003

The two pointed shapes function as both an elegant tie and a cute pair of droopy bunny ears

bunny bags 004

It even comes with a fluffy tail!

bunny bags 005

There are four rabbits to collect, including Netherland Dwarf and Chinchilla varieties.

bunny bags 009

You can buy these fun bags online for $26 each. Not a bad investment for such an adorable pet that stays clean and does the tidying up for you!