This Digital Artist’s Photoshop Skills Will Blow Your Mind

It’s hard to get amazed by the photos you see online these days when almost everyone with a smartphone or a computer can cobble together a fake photograph in minutes. But this self-taught Russian Photoshop master’s work goes far beyond any Instagram filter. Max Asabin layers multiple photos on top of each other and seamlessly merges them into one incredible image. He does this by trimming the edges of each foreground image, adding shadows and highlights, and adjusting the overall color to make it look incredibly realistic. By doing so, he is able to transport anyone into one of his breathtaking scenes, that usually have a supernatural twist.

Asabin has amassed over 35,000 followers on DevianArt, where he often displays his latest work. He also does commission work, so if your boring old family photos need a supernatural twist too, be sure to drop him a line! [Continue reading below…]