Husband Makes His Wife A Real-Life Harry Potter Pensieve Filled With Their Best Memories

Husband of the year, Matt Brocone, totally blew me away with his Harry Potter-inspired wedding gift. Since he and his wife are both seriously into Harry Potter, Matt came up with the genius idea of creating her very own Pensieve. For those who aren’t Harry Potter fans, a Pensieve is a bowl used to view memories. Dumbledore would use his wand to pull memories from his head and store those memories in bottles. When he’d want to see a particular memory, he’d pour the bottle into the bowl to view it. Continue below to see how he did it!

What got to us the most is the amount of effort that went into it. He delivered her gift via Owl Post with a Beanie Baby Hedwig and inside included her own Harry Potter wand from Etsy. He even took pottery classes to actually create the Pensieve himself and carved their initials underneath. He found a bunch of mini cork bottles to store the scrolls in, each containing a memory of his wife that makes him smile. Every bottle also had a small magnet glued to the bottom so that when she pointed her wand at the bowl, she could pull a memory out! To top it off, the gift also included a box of more bottles and scrolls for their future memories together. Excuse me while I wipe my tears.

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