How To Be confident In Yourself, Your Art, Or Your Abilities

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Creativity requires confidence and sometimes life has a way of robbing you of confidence. For example, a teacher can choose you as the person he wants to humiliate in his third-grade class. How much confidence is stolen from you in that excruciating year and how many other robberies occur in childhood and adulthood? Over time, that can manifest itself in an inability to conceive of and follow through on creative projects, a fear of the unknown, and other creativity killers. [Continue reading below]
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If you ever doubt yourself, your art, or your abilities, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. After all, it’s easy to feel vulnerable when you’re promoting and selling an extension of yourself. However, if you feel that a lack of confidence is getting in the way of performing your creative craft, you should definitely check out these wonderful comics by Colleen Butters.

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