20 Fascinating Gifs That Show How Things Works

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Is there any better way to explain something than through an animation or video? Nope, probably not. These animated GIFs will explain things in mere seconds — things that you may have been wondering about your whole life, or maybe things that you’ve never given much thought, but are still super interesting to know. Things like:

#1. How the face develops in the womb

how stuff works 001

#2. How a dandelion grows

how stuff works 002

#3. How a trumpet works

how stuff works 003

#4. How a cheetah runs and uses its tail for stability

how stuff works 004

#5. How a dog drinks water

how stuff works 005

#6. How a crocodile jumps out of the water

how stuff works 017

#7. How a violin string makes sound

how stuff works 018

#8. How the gladiator spider hunts

how stuff works 019

#9. How a zipper works

how stuff works 020

#10. How the Pythagorean theorem works

how things work 006

#11. How corn pops

how things work 007

#12. How underwater cables are laid

how things work 008

#13. How braces work over time

how things work 009

#14. What happens when a slinky is dropped

how things work 010

#15. How vines find support

how things work 011

#16. How a sewing machine works

how things work 012

#17. What happens when we swallow

how things work 013

#18. How a ladybug takes off and flies

how things work 014

#19. How an ant walks

how things work 015

#20. How a lock and key works

how things work 016