Holy Weed – Photographers Document a Group of Nuns Who Grow Cannabis

With their Sisters of the Valley project, photographers John DuBois and Shaughn Crawford documented the daily life of a group of American nuns who grow weed to create medicines.

An amazing series of photographs that tell the story of these nuns harvesting and preparing their remedies by observing cycles of the moon. All is done in a spiritual environment in their workshop in California where the use of marijuana is legal.

The nuns of Sisters of the Valley consider themselves nuns, but are not Catholic or traditionally religious. They then sell their products on their online store… Fascinating!

A Full Moon ceremony, where the nuns sang, reaffirmed their vows and blessed their farm for the first time.

holy weed 001

holy weed 002

holy weed 003

holy weed 004

holy weed 006

holy weed 007

holy weed 008

holy weed 009

holy weed 010

holy weed 011

holy weed 012

holy weed 013

holy weed 014

holy weed 015

holy weed 016

holy weed 017

holy weed 018

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