Hilariously Accurate Comics About Life And Adulthood

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If you haven’t seen Owlturd Comix yet, you’re missing out on some of the most brilliant comics ever made. Creator Shenanigansen (or simply Shen) touches on a number of topics, but a lot of his comics focus on adulthood and everyday life. Recurring characters are Type A and Type B personalities, Anger and Sadness as well as other personified emotions.

Not only are their interactions hilarious, they’re also insightful and clever. Have a look below to see what we mean.

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I hope you’ll enjoy these illustrations as much as I did and be sure to let us know which is your favorite by dropping a comment below!

#1. Mush


#2. Freedom’s All You Got


#3. A And B Smell The Flowers


#4. I Didn’t Want To Know


#5. You Can’t Defeat What’s Already Defeated


#6. How To Make Friends As An Adult


#7. The Magic Was In You