12 Guys Who Have Mastered The Game Of A Happy Relationship

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Relationships are hard. Period. But they can also be funny as hell if you know how to smooth over the problems that can arise. Some guys out there seem to have just the right amount of wit to do exactly that.

Brightside has collected 12 examples where men deserve a medal for their relationship skills. While most of the situations below are downright hilarious, some of them are just too sweet! [Continue reading below…]

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Have these guys mastered the key game of a happy relationship? We think so! Enjoy, and be sure to let us know which one’s your favorite below.

#1. My husband thought for a long time about how to tell me that my sweater had shrunk in the wash. He found a way to give me a hint…


#2. This is how my husband gave me a hint that the milk had gone bad and we needed to get rid of it.


#3. I was worried that I’d become “round” when I was pregnant, but my husband found a way to console me.


#4. This guy proposed to his girlfriend in the style of her favorite animated movie. He even sewed the dress himself!


#5. I asked my husband to wash the dishes, and now I’m afraid to touch them…


#6. My man knows how to arrange the perfect romantic evening…


#7. I asked my husband to buy six potatoes…


#8. Another highly original marriage proposal.


#9. I often slam doors by accident. My husband came up with a great way to make me give up this habit.


#10. This guy drew his girlfriend in the style of a Disney princess as a present for Valentine’s Day.


#11. My husband organized an unforgettable party for the kids.


#12. I messaged my husband to find out how his day alone with the baby is going. He sent me this…