Grilled Cheese Sandwich Lovers Have More Sex – And 9 More Reasons To Step Up Your Cheese Game!

Is cheese your sexual orientation? Awesome! Because the outcome of this groundbreaking survey is about to make your day that much brighter!

Dating and social networking site Skout did a survey among nearly 5,000 users and the outcome was pretty telling. According to the poll, grilled-cheesers are having way more fun in the bedroom, with 42% having sex more than six times a month, compared with just 22% of people who don’t like the snack.

But that’s not all! According to the survey there are plenty more reasons to get excited about grilled cheese. So, without further ado, here are 8 great reasons to step up your cheese game!

#1. Grilled cheese lovers are more adventurous

#2. More charitable…

#3. … And more successful

#4. The possibilities with Grilled Cheese are endless

grilled cheese sandwich 001

#5. Grilled cheese is one of the world’s best cures for a hangover

grilled cheese sandwich 002

#6. Despite popular believe, molten cheese isn’t unhealthier than normal cheese

#7. Whole-grain breads are great for grilled cheese too. You’ll get better flavor, more bite — not to mention, added fiber

grilled cheese sandwich 003

#8. Nothing is more easy to share than a grilled cheese sandwich

#9. That perfect split will unwind anyone

grilled cheese sandwich 007

#10. And finally.. Grilled Cheesers are better in bed! HOORAY!

grilled cheese is the best

But, of course, we already knew that 😉