This 85-Year-Old Grandma’s Polite Google Search Will Melt Your Heart, I Pinky Swear It!

It’s a known fact that Grandmas are the cutest specimens on this planet. They’re selfless, gentle human beings who will always take your side, no matter what. But when we came across Ben John’s 85-year-old granny’s Google search – it was almost too much to handle.

When Ben opened his granny’s laptop last week, he noticed something about her search history that proves one thing: grandmas are just too pure for this world. See, every time grandma googled something, she had added the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It’s so adorable that Ben couldn’t resist taking a photo before posting it on Twitter. And the internet loved it. Within hours, the Tweet was shared nearly 13.000 times!

“Omg opened my Nan’s laptop…”

polite grandma-google searsh 000

The 24-year-old grandson found this so cute, so he posted it on Twitter

polite grandma-google searsh 001

“She just thought it was the norm”

polite grandma-google searsh 002

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