She Just Happily Graduated. But Then She Realizes The Sad Reality…

The student load crisis is even worse than most people realize. Over two-thirds of last year’s graduates graduated with an average debt of over $35,000, meaning that the average student debt tripled in the last decade. . For many students this grim situation has a lasting impact on their lives that causes delays in major life events, such a buying a house, getting married, or having children.

The following series by Redditor, pearlsandwhiskey, does a great job at showing the double sided feelings that many students are left with after graduation… A witty yet sad reminder that things need to change!

So yesterday she had her graduation shots done.

graduation debts 001

It started out pretty chill.

graduation debts 002

This one’s for her mum.

graduation debts 003

But then she got a prize…

graduation debts 004

…And she didn’t Want it!

graduation debts 005

Sorry about the BA in Theater, mom and dad

graduation debts 006

Debt is sexy.

graduation debts 008

Happy Graduation, Class of 2016!

graduation debts 007