Gang Raped Teen Left This Powerful Warning Letter Before Committing Suicide

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In February 2014, 13-year-old Cassidy Trevan of Melbourne, Australia was raped by 2 teenage boys she didn’t know. The rape was set up by a group of girls who used to constantly bully her at school. Cassidy tried her best to recover – she even changed schools and home, but, 22 months after the rape, she committed suicide. The teenagers responsible were never punished because Cassidy was too afraid to make a formal statement – she feared her bullies would get back to her. However, her mother Linda Trevan can’t be silent anymore. [Continue reading below…]
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Cassidy Trevan was only 13 years old when 2 teenage boys raped her in turns in Springvale in February 2014

The rape was set up by a group of girls that used to bully Cassidy at school

The girls would constantly slap her on the face, leave banana peels at the front door of her home, and regularly abuse her on social media.

“They were older boys that Cass didn’t know,” Linda Trevan, Cassy’s mom told 9 News. Two girls who sat and waited. Two boys who shared her and timed each other. One boy stood guarding the front door”

After the rape, Cassidy changed schools, home, but she was still bullied

“I had to get an intervention order on the main bully girl when she physically assaulted Cass at the shops, after the rape, and she was even calling my mobile demanding to talk to Cass,” Ms Trevan told 9 News

Cassy’s boyfriend and mom tried all they could to help her heal, but she was in constant fear and depression. In December 2015, Cassy took her own life

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