Gang Raped Teen Left This Powerful Warning Letter Before Committing Suicide (Part Two)

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Last month, Ms Trevan shared her daughter’s tragic story on Facebook in hopes of bringing attention to bullying. She also shared a powerful letter her daughter left a few days before her suicide. “My name is Cassidy Trevan, and I was raped,” reads the letter. “I was a student at (school name omitted) and I was raped by some of the students who still attend that school. My aim is to warn other people (students mostly but also parents) about what happened because I’m worried if they could do it to me they could do it to other kids like me, or at least try to. If anyone every tries this on you trust me it’s worth fighting! Fight! If you don’t you’ll regret it for the rest of your life like I do. You can do it. Be careful. Be warned. Be safe.” Scroll down for the full letter. [Continue reading below…]
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Cassy’s mother shared the tragic story on Facebook in hopes to bring attention to bullying

‘I had to watch my baby suffer for the next 22 months from these demons,’ wrote Cassy’s mom

“She worried you would find her and get her again, she went through continued bullying from some of you who managed to get to her by phone or social media, via others, even after what you’d done to her”

The teenagers responsible for the rape were never punished because Cassidy was too scared to make a formal statement

However, before leaving, Cassy wrote this powerful letter to warn her peers about rape

RIP, sweet Cassy

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