The Most Interesting Thing About George W. Bush Is His Legacy In Africa

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While George W. Bush is condemned by many people and politicians because of his foreign policy legacy, especially the war in Iraq, his work in Africa continues to have a lasting effect and is praised by many of his opponents.

During the time he was in office, the former President not only provided more than $5 billion a year in humanitarian aid to Africa but also addressed major health issues such as HIV/AIDS and malaria.

US-based reporter, writer, and storyteller Christiana A Mbakwe draws attention to Bush’s work in Africa in her tweets. Have a look at them in the list below!


#1. The former President did a tremendous work around HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa


#2. And he quietly continues helping African women

#3. Bush helps African women suffering from breast and cervical cancer by renovating clinics

#4. Africans view him as a lifesaver – even some streets are named after him

Christiana1987AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson

#5. Obama, unfortunately, didn’t continue his work

 Christiana1987Chris Hondros

#6. Bush’s Malaria initiative helped decrease malaria deaths in Africa by nearly 50%

Christiana1987Charles Ommanney/Getty

#7. Over 7 million Africans received antiretroviral treatment

#8. And they couldn’t be more grateful

#9. Under Bush, the agency for development’s budget increased 5 times to help Africa

#10. Bush believes in a holistic approach when it comes to helping the continent – many African schools received funding when he was in office