15 Birthmark Cover-Up Tattoos That Are Pure Genius

When I was younger I was EXTREMELY self-conscious about my band-aid size birthmark on my right shoulder blade. It’s just one of those things where you know that everyone isn’t watching you, but that is how you feel. I was never able to buy the dress I wanted or wear a bikini in public because it was exposed. Looking back, I know this sounds silly and today I hardly notice it’s there, but it’s a totally different ball game when you’re a shy and mildly awkward teenager.

However, one way to overcome insecurities is to embrace your imperfections and that is exactly what these people did. With the help of tattoo artists, they turned their birthmarks into unique and awesome tattoos, showing that imperfections are what make us beautiful.

#1. Neutral Milk Hotel’s Cover Art For “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea” Turned Into A Tattoo

#2. Burning Matchstick Tattoo

#3. #24 Huge Birthmark Cover Up

#4. #31 Tattoo Next To The Birthmark

#5. Birthmark Coverup Tattoo

#6. Guy Transformed His Birthmark Into A Map Of An Imaginary World By Drawing Around It With A Pen

#7. Tattoo Covering An Extensive Port Wine Stain Birthmark

#8. Cookie Birthmark Just Asked For Cookie Monster Tattoo

#9. Woolly Birthmark. This Tattoo Grows Hair

#10. Turtle Birthmark Improvement

#11. Birthmark Transformed Into An Owl

#12. My Pacman Tattoo

#13. Native Hawaiian Flowers Flowing Into The Islands Themselves. Islands Formed From Birthmarks

#14. Watercolour Rose Over An Old Birthmark Scar

#15. Mr. Potato Head Over Birthmark