No, These Aren’t Two Women In This Picture. You Have To Look Closer To Understand. Incredible!

As kids, our parents were our role models and family the people among we grew up and discovered the world with. But as we grew older and the hormones started to kick in, the desire to make our own decisions and live our own lives comes along.

Suddenly you start rebelling against their tyrannical rule, staying out until 3 a.m., dedicating your homework time to video games and trying your best to be anything like your “boring” parents. How hard we may try, though, we usually end up a lot more like our parents than we care to admit. It’s all based in biology. And no, you can’t stop it.

This is what photographer, Ulric Collette, wants to illustrate in series “Genetic Portraits”, a photographic research on the genetic similarities between family members. His portraits blend the faces of two family members who, at first glance, seem nothing alike — yet are more similar than you might expect.

See for yourself!

Cousin and Cousin

genetic portraits 001
Here, cousins Justine, 29, and Ulric, 29, are the same age but don’t appear to share many similarities until you look closer — specifically at their jawlines. We wonder how Justine’s genetic portraits would compare if she was pictured with Ulric’s two brothers!


genetic portraits 002
20 year-old fraternal twins Alex and Sandrine make an interesting study in this photograph. Alex’s face is skinnier, but their shared traits become all the more prominent in this genetic portrait.

Two sisters!

genetic portraits 003
Anne-Sophie, 19, and her sister Pascale, 16, blend into one in this genetic portrait. Because the share a similar hairstyle and nearly identical features, the photo looks almost completely natural.

Mother & Daughter!

genetic portraits 005
49 year-old N’sira and her 18 year-old daugther Marie-Pier are the subjects of this portrait. The bone structure similarities are remarkable. N’sira’s cheek and jaw show signs of age, but her lips and eyes are nearly identical to those of her daughter.


genetic portraits 006

29 year-old Karine and 25 year-old Dany share many of the same features and even hair. But if we didn’t label the photo as a composition between images of brother and sister, would you have guessed that Karine was female?

Father & Daughter!

genetic portraits 007

Amélie, 33, and Daniel, 60, are daughter and father. This nuclear family is the most intriguing of all the subjects of the people photographed. The noses are identical in both Amélie’s portrait with her dad and her mom. So which one has the dominant gene?

Two Sisters!

genetic portraits 008

Isabelle, 32, and Amélie, 33, are only a year apart, which makes this portrait all the more interesting. The picture looks almost like a before/after combined portrait we often see in shampoo ads.

Father & Daughter!

genetic portraits 009
60 year-old Daniel and his daughter Isabelle, 32, make quite a intimidating pair in this genetic portrait. Do you think the daughters look more like Daniel or like their mother Julie?


genetic portraits 004
Laurence and Christine are 29 year-old twins who share very different hairstyles and do their makeup rather differently, too. But this picture indeed shows that the two are twins. Their cheekbones, lips, and noses line up almost symmetrically.

Mother & Daughter!

genetic portraits 010
Julie, 61, poses with two of her daughters in this series of pictures. Here, Julie’s portrait is combined with that of her daughter Isabelle, 32. Perhaps genetic portraits are a great way to see what you would look like in three decades…