Born in the 80s? Then This Tribute To The Game Boy Camera Is A Must See!

Whether you love pixel art, are a fan of retro gaming or were born in the 80s, I highly recommend you’d have a look at Game Boy Camera Man — an Instagram account dedicated to the legendary Game Boy Camera!

The nostalgic account pays tribute to the forerunner of the digital camera that allowed you to take small, grainy photos with a resolution of a whopping 128×128 pixels.

As an 80s kid, I just love it! Take a look yourself:

game-boy-camera 21

game-boy-camera 20


game-boy-camera 19

game-boy-camera 18

The Game Boy Camera was also one of the weirdest things to ever come out of the Nintendo factory, which is saying a lot. What made it downright bizarre were the creepy messages hidden inside. It came with a number of editing features, among which was a “Run” option. And any hapless kid who accidentally pressed this button from the menu, would see one of three creepy faces…

game boy camera 001

… accompanied by the phrase “WHO ARE YOU RUNNING FROM?” and this sound. An experience that, no doubt, ruined many childhood’s, FOREVER…

creepy faces 002

Here are the two other hidden faces that take Japan-creepy to a whole new level…

game-boy-camera 17

game-boy-camera 16

game-boy-camera 15

game-boy-camera 14

game-boy-camera 13

game-boy-camera 12

game-boy-camera 11

game-boy-camera 10

game-boy-camera 9

game-boy-camera 8

game-boy-camera 7

game-boy-camera 6

game-boy-camera 5

game-boy-camera 4

game-boy-camera 3

game-boy-camera 2

game-boy-camera 1