Woman Documents Her Life As A Permanent Third Wheel And It’s Brutally Hilarious

Are you feeling a bit low missing your non-existent boyfriend or girlfriend while everyone else is getting married and having babies? Then you should definitely start following this young lady on Instagram. In her hilarious account Third Wheel Extravaganza, the unnamed woman documents her life as a permanent third wheel by photobombing happy couples, and her photos are a breeze of fresh air in these hard #couplegoals times.

“Ah, love. It makes the world go round. Unless you’re me. Then you just lurk in the background of cute couples,” the third-wheeling expert says in her bio. “My goal is to make people laugh and it seems like they are! I shall nobly continue my quest to document my life as a third wheel. God bless, guys.”

#1. Third wheel: wedding edition. Congrats to Emma and Tyler!

#2. Third wheel: study time edition…

#3. Third wheel continued

#4. Third wheel engagement edition. Congrats Alanna and Mattias!

#5. Thankful for third wheeling

#6. Third wheel in E minor

#7. Third wheel pro tip: Sometimes the significant others don’t even need to be present. A phone call will do

#8. Third wheel strangers on a plane edition: when they have the middle and aisle seat, there is no escape…

#9. Sometimes you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to third wheel

#10. Third wheel forever

#11. Third wheel eternal

#12. Third wheel: cute pregnant couple edition

#13. Why stop at third wheel? Dream big super star

#14. Third wheel forever

#15. Congrats to Henry and Hero!