30 Comics About Life’s Tragedies That Are So Hilariously Dry, They Will Make You Thirsty

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War and Peas” is a webcomic made by two creative souls from Germany that were bounded by “fate and an everlasting obsession for carrot cake and alien movies.” Jonathan Kunz, a lecturer at the local art school, and Elizabeth Pich, a freelance comic artist met back in 2011 and have been working together ever since.
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Weird and slightly inappropriate, “War and Peas” talks about various tragedies of our modern lives by telling short stories that usually have an unexpected plot twist and are always delivered in brilliantly dry fashion. The artists publish a new comic every week and when they’re not busy walking around in their castle turning off the lights, they also do commissions.

Like unusual stuff? Scroll down for 30 “War and Peas” comics that we liked best!

#1. Life Is Pointless

#2. Unholy Thoughts

#3. Good Friend

#4. Warm Meals

#5. Fascinating

#6. Hacker Dog

#7. Whoa

#8. It’s All In Your Head

#9. The Tables Have Turned

#10. Literally

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