30+ Of The Funniest And Most Adorable Grandma Gift Fails

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Grandmas are the best. They will love you no matter what you do and they always come bearing awesome gifts. Sure, sometimes they can go a bit overboard and they don’t always get it right. But it’s the thought that counts, right? Even, if that means getting you a Ninja Turtle t-shirt for your 34th birthday.

Check out this list of 30 of the most hilarious and adorable grandma gift fails and get reminded once more why grandmas rule!

#1. My 90-year Old Grandma Mailed A Homemade Vest For Me To “Wear To Parties”. It’s…Amazing

#2. Grandma Crocheted A Shark Blanket

#3. So my grandma gave me an Xbox for my birthday

#4. My son’s computer mouse packed up, great grandma gave him this.

#5. My 84-Year-Old Grandmother Apologized For Having To Wear Her Nightgown In Front Of Us. I Said It Was No Problem And That It Actually Looked Very Comfortable, So She Immediately Offered One To Me. It’s Not Like I Could Have Rejected This Generous Gift…

#6. Birthday Present From My Grandma. She Gets It, Man

#7. My Friend Just Got His Christmas Present From His Grandmother

#8. So My Name Is Brodie Jonas Dean, My Grandma Found This Shirt For Me Thinking It Was A Great Coincidence. Thanks Grandma

#9. My Grandma Made Me A Photo Album For My Graduation Gift

#10. Asked For New Hats, Grandma Did Not Disappoint

#11. Grandma Bought Me A New Coffee Mug For Work. “You Know, Because It Looks Like Poop And I Know You Think That’s Funny”

#12. When Grandma Gives You Jeep Accessories

#13. My Grandma Rules!

#14. My Grandmother Made Me This After I Showed Her A Similar Picture!

#15. My Grandma Bought Me A New Shirt Today. I’m 34

#16. Grandma Sent Me This In The Mail. Slowest Picture Message Ever

#17. My Grandma Bought Me This, She Knows What’s Up

#18. My 7 Yr Old Daughter Asked For Fingerless Gloves With Flowers On Them. Grandma Delivered

#19. My Grandma Believes This Is An “Acceptable” Blanket For A 24 Year Old Man To Sleep Under While In Town. I’m Totally Cool With It

#20. My Grandma Got Me This Shirt, I Don’t Think She Gets It

#21. My Friends Grandma Or G-Ma Got Him This Present For Christmas

#22. My Bro Told My Grandma, Jokingly, He Wanted 100 Things From The Dollar Store For Christmas, Grandma Doesn’t Like Being Challenged

#23. I Am ‘Middle-Aged’. I Am ‘A Professional’ & I Only ‘Dine Out’ At Lunch. G’ma Has Alzhimers & This Lunchbox Is My Bday Gift. Thankyou Grandma, For Showing Me-I’ve Become 1 Of ‘Those Kind’ Of Assholes. I’ll Proudly Be Taking My Scoobydoo Lunch Tomorrow!

#24. Grandma’s Gift Was On Point!

#25. My Traditional Grandma Found Out I Moved In With My Boyfriend… So This Was Her Christmas Gift

#26. Love This Gift From My Grandma. She Is So Sweet

#27. Opened My Present From Grandma Early. I Think This Present Was Intended For One Of My Girl Cousins, But I’m Keepin’ It

#28. My Brother In His New Christmas Gift. Thanks Grandma!

#29. Grandma’s Scrabble Quilt

#30. My 94 Year Old Great Grandma Made This For Me Because She Said Is Too Cold. It’s 80° Outside

#31. My Great Aunt Had Pillows Made From My Grandma Rosie’s Old Shirts That She Used To Wear… Best Gift By Far

#32. My Grandma Gave Me A Mug