During The Past 16 Years This Dad Filmed His Daughter Every Week For 15 Seconds. Now Watch Her Grow Up From A Baby 0 To A 16-Year-Old Girl In Just 4 Minutes!

If there’s a more clichéd statement than “They grow up so fast,” I don’t know what it is. Have children of your own, however, and you will soon realize it’s the simple truth.

But while kids may grow up fast in the big scheme of things, it’s impossible for most parents to notice when you’re experiencing their first year or two, especially when your precious one shows little interest in sleeping and you spend almost no time with your pillow.. Seriously, when you’re living in the same house as a baby, time can move REALLY slow.

To remind himself how fast his daughter is growing up, this dad recorded her every week for 15 seconds over the last 16 years. The end result is this wonderful time-lapse video where you see his daughter grow up from a newborn baby to a beautiful 16-year-old girl, in just over 4 minutes.

A beautiful reminder how time flies.