6 Types Of Friends That All Of Us Have In Our Lives

We all have that friend who won’t even let you take a sip from your drink until it’s on Instagram, or that one who is good at everything. It’s a teeny bit annoying, right? But there’re also those who will tell you the latest gossips, or manage to arrange a meet-up when everyone’s being super busy with their busy lives.

In a collaboration with DesignTaxi, Caisa Nilaseca, a freelance designer from Indonesia, identified some of the most common types of friends in her colorful illustrations. The series is called “6 Types Of Friends That Everyone Has,” and we’re pretty sure that anyone with friends will recognize most of them.

#1. The Informant


 #2. The Silent One


#3. The Organizer


#4. The Documentation Team


#5. The Perfect One


#6. The Mysterious One