These People Got A Free Tattoo By Scott Campbell. But Here’s The Catch, They Didn’t Know What They Would Get … Would You Do It?

Lets say got the itch to get a tattoo, but aren’t quite sure where to start in terms of coming up with an idea, nor have the money. Maybe then the project “Whole Glory” by world renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell is just what the doctor ordered. He recently tattooed people for absolutely free.

For free you say?!

Yep, 100% free. But there is a catch of course … If you want a free Scott Campbell tattoo, you’ll also have to blindly surrender to him as you have zero influence on what will be inked on your body for all eternity. All you can do is stick your arm through a hole and hope for the best …

The lucky candidates were randomly picked through a lottery, with Scott knowing nothing about their personality or appearance.

suprise tattoo 003

They then stuck their arms in the hole and prayed for the best. Because, well, peeking was not allowed.

free tattoo

It’s no wonder this woman looks a bit nervous …

getting tattoo 004

Don’t like the tattoo? Well that’s too bad. Even though we have to say the end results do look fantastic, if it’s your thing of course.

And no, they aren’t tiny tattoos either!

free tattoo

creative tatoo

creative tattoo 002

creative tattoo idea

unique tattoo 003

unique tattoo

“As a tattoo artist you never have absolute freedom in what you make ,” Scott Campbell explains. “Your canvas has an opinion about what is happening, which is only a good thing because sometimes you get inspired by the person, which in turn can affect the tattoo.”

Scott placed every tattoo on his Instagram with the caption: “Thank you for your confidence .”

Would you be able to blindly trust a tattoo artist like that and what do you think of the end results? Let us know by dropping a comment below 🙂