This Crazy Pool Will Make You Feel Like Floating 115 Feet Above Central London

Just looking at it makes my head spin. A swimming pool that gives you the sensation of flying 115 ft above central London..

Architectural firm HAL proposed this unique way to integrate a pool in a building project south of London. The pool, made from 20 cm thick glass at its base,  will be nearly 30 meters long and will connect the floors of two buildings of the apartment complex, allowing people to swim from one building to the other.

floating pool 002

As you can see from the pictures, the rest of the project is also quite lovely.  The complex consists of more than 2,000 homes that include working areas for those who do not want to go to the office as well as leisure and sport facilities. All this awesomeness comes with a heavy price tag as the average price of the apartments will be about 1 million euros.

floating pool 003

Construction is well underway and tenants can expect to move into their apartments in 2017.

floating pool 004

floating pool 005

floating pool 006