There Are Five Stages Of Love, But Did You Know Most People Get Stuck At Three?

Life can be that way: One day I was living with my girlfriend and her pet hamster, four years into what I thought to be the last romantic relationship of my life, and the next day I was single, sitting in a sublet and staring at my suitcase wondering what to do next. Truth is, in retrospect we just weren’t right for each other, even if the people around us thought we were the perfect couple. And for a long time, I thought so too. Love can be confusing and after a breakup, we’re often left puzzled as to why ‘true love’ is gradually worn down to nothing.

But fear not, we have finally found an answer for this strange and troubling phenomenon. After 40 years of clinical research, famous psychologist Jed Diamond has reached the conclusion that the majority of people do in fact find the one true love of their life. The problem is that they can’t make it through all five stages of love, reaching only the third stage most of the time. Have a look below to see what they are.

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