During a First Date, This Women Carried Around Her Own Poop In Her Purse… Here’s What Happened!

Most of us have been on first dates that were awkward or so awful that you just want to permanently erase them from your memory. But no matter how many awful and traumatic first dates you had to go through, they can never be as bad as what happened to Twitterer, @_blotty.

She met this man at the grocery store who asked her on a date. Everything was going great and they ended up back at his place, but here’s where this romantic tale takes a horrifying twist. See, she had to do a number two and as a self confident, independent woman, she felt comfortable using his bathroom. This was a huge mistake. The toilet didn’t flush properly and after a million unsuccessful flushing attempts, panic was starting to set in.

So what do you do in a panic situation like that? She placed her own poop in her purse and took to Twitter to tell the world how the whole situation unfolded… LOL!

first date 001

fist date 002

first date 003

fist date 004

fisrt date 005

first date 006

first date 007

first date 008

first date 009

first date 010

first date 011

first date 012

first date 013

first date 014

first date 015

first date 016

first date 017

first date 018

first date 019

first date 020

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