World’s Most Terrifying Zoo Where People Are Caged And Predators Roam Free

When people go to visit the zoo, they never give it much thought how it must feel for the animals to be trapped in cages. But a Zoo in China decided to switch it up by having the animals roam freely, while visitors are driven through the park in cages.

That’s right, visitors of the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing City, China pay money to get locked up in a cage and get close and personal with some of the world’s most ferocious predators. It may sound absurd but it’s actually a far more humane better exercise than locking the animals up. Humans have free will and can exchange captivity for the comfort of their real homes whenever they choose to — an alternative that zoo animals are stripped off as soon as they are caged…

The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, one of the few of its kind in the world, saw such a rage after the initial opening in 2015 that it remained sold out for four months straight. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals through a small gap in the cage and live chickens are used as bait to lure the predators to the vehicles. According to the Daily Mail, rare species such as white tigers and Bengal tigers are among the amazing wildlife to visit there.

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A zoo official told OddityCentral ‘we wanted to give our visitors the thrill of being stalked and attacked by the big cats but with, of course, none of the risks.’ The zoo is a huge hit with locals and tourists, and was sold out for four months when it opened. It is a more human way to treat animals as well.