Two Female Cosplayers Turned Their Wedding Into A Real-Life Fairytale

Carina and Soerine, the two female cosplayers from Denmark, are used to changing their identities frequently. On their wedding day though, they decided to be themselves and wear traditional wedding dresses.

The ladies might have ditched cosplay for that one day, but their wedding ceremony still looked like a fairy tale come true! See the magical photos below!

Carina and Soerine may look like your typical twentysomethings

Except they are not

These lovely young ladies are hardcore cosplayers from Denmark that got engaged in Disneyland more than 2 years ago

Here they are as Princess Daisy And Princess Peach

Dressed as Supergirl and Powergirl

And as Sailor Moon

And though the girls are incredibly good at cosplay, they decided to be themselves during their wedding day

And they looked absolutely stunning!

They might have ditched cosplay for that one day

 But their wedding still looked like a fairy-tale come true!

Love was definitely in the air

May they live happily ever after!