Father And Son Sing A Frank Sinatra Duet In The Car. And It’s So Touching, You’ll Lose It

Legendary crooner, Frank Sinatra, had one of the most recognizable and memorable voices in the history of music. One of Ol’ Blue Eyes greatest songs is, of course, ‘Me and My Shadow’ with Sammy Davis Jr.

This dad and his young son recently did their own version of the song, in one of the most adorable duets I’ve seen yet. In the video you see them cruising in the car as dad plays the iconic son. As the cute and toothless boy starts singing, dad sings the next verse, and they take turns singing back and forth. Watch as father and son start to get into the song and belt it out during the end.

So much awesomeness in such a small space, and what a touching moment between father and son.

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