Fascinating Photos That Reveal What It Was Really Like to Attend Woodstock In 1969

Nearly fifty years ago, half a million flower children gathered for three crazy days of peace, love and letting their private parts flap all over the hashish-covered mud at a place called Woodstock.

But have you ever wondered what it was really like to attend this legendary event? While we can’t send you back in time to experience the muddy fields full of hippies, flower children and beatniks first hand, we do have the next best thing: These fascinating photos from LIFE that provide a unique insider’s perspective and reveal what Woodstock was really like during the rain-soaked days and nights in 1969.

woodstock 001

woodstock 002

woodstock 003

woodstock 004

woodstock 005

woodstock 006

woodstock 007

woodstock 008

woodstock 009

woodstock 010

woodstock 011

woodstock 012

woodstock 013

woodstock 014

woodstock 015

woodstock 016

woodstock 017

woodstock 018

woodstock 019

woodstock 020

woodstock 022

If you want to see more, you can find the full LIFE archive of Woodstock photos, right here.