20 Family Photos Gone Wrong … Very Wrong

I don’t know about you, but I’ve generally despised taking family pictures. Everyone dressing alike, needing to posture with one hand on your mother’s shoulder, and the anxiety of realizing that this photo will be on the wall for decades? Yup, I think it’s best to never subject my kids to any of that.

In addition, there’s just SO MUCH that can turn out badly under these circumstances. Here we’ve rounded up twenty family photographs that all began with awesome intentions, but ended in disaster:


family-photo-fails 001

“Lets swing the children”

family-photo-fails 002

“Line them up, tallest to shortest!”

family-photo-fails 003

“Ok guys, gather in front of this sign”

family-photo-fails 004

“Everyone jump on three!”

family-photo-fails 005

“Naked babies are sooo cute!”

family-photo-fails 006

“Just keep smiling”

family-photo-fails 007

“Let’s get pooch in the picture”

family-photo-fails 008

“Just the kids in this one”

family-photo-fails 009

“The pier will be a great background”

family-photo-fails 010

“Let’s just do a silly one”

family-photo-fails 012

“One more”

family-photo-fails 013

“These letters will be adorable”

family-photo-fails 014

That dog has seen too much..

family-photo-fails 015

“One photo and then you can pee”

family-photo-fails 016

“The Others are coming”

family-photo-fails 017

“Everybody looks great!”

family-photo-fails 018

“Bob, you hold the baby for this one”

family-photo-fails 019

“Come on, dad! One silly one!”

family-photo-fails 020

Which family portrait failed the hardest? Let us know by dropping a comment below!