More European Countries Troll Donald Trump With Hilarious “America First” Videos

The Netherlands was the first country to troll Donald Trump’s “America First” policy, but soon many other European countries followed and produced their own spoof videos inviting the President of the U.S. to visit their countries. The hilarious series is called “Every Second Counts” and there are nine official videos so far, with Luxembourg and Morocco (Africa wants to be heard, too) being the most recent countries to join in.

What’s even better, besides trolling Trump, the countries are also competing with each other and it makes it even more fun. We’ve collected all of the current videos below, so grab some popcorn and scroll down!

#1. The Netherlands

#2. Luxembourg

#3. Germany

#4. Switzerland

#5. Denmark

#6. Morocco

#7. Lithuania

#8. Portugal

#9. Belgium