20 Stunning Photos Of Entrepreneurship From Around The World That Are As Inspiring As They Are Touching

Entrepreneurship is a hot topic these days. Countless articles and books have been written about it, and success stories about gazillionaires who went from “zero to hero” infiltrate our newsfeeds and status updates.

Starting your own business is a choice for those of us fortunate enough to have been born into an environment that can cope with our entrepreneurial ideas. Living in a developed country means we have supportive government policies, access to capital and technological infrastructure. Meaning that starting a business, for the most part, is just as viable as pursuing a more traditional job. This isn’t the case across the globe though.

In less developed countries, the idea of entrepreneurship takes on an entirely different meaning. It’s not about building a huge company with the goal of becoming the next Twitter. Rather, one’s entrepreneurial spirit emerges in spite of dire circumstances to solve different problems: supporting a family’s basic needs, sending a child to a better school and often times creating a safer environment for themselves in which to work.

Below you will find 20 photos of entrepreneurship from around the world that were born out of necessity. Stunning photos are as inspiring as they are touching.

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