This Guy Turns Drywall Into Legit Art With Nothing But Joint Compound

Bernie Mitchell (or plaster Michelangelo, as we’d like to call him) is a drywall contractor with a very unique skill set. See, his previous experience with large pictorial carvings in leather led him to apply the same concept to wall relief and he now creates these stunning, lifelike relief sculptures in shorelines homes and cottages.

Mitchell has spent the past 20 years developing and refining his method… and the best part?? He now shares his creativity and techniques through his own video tutorials. So, be sure to watch the video embedded below to get a behind-the-scenes look at Mitchell at work.

drywall art 001

drywall art 002

drywall art 003

drywall art 004

drywall art 005

drywall art 006

drywall art 007

drywall art 008

Watch the video to see Mitchel’s artwork take shape and come to life

For more, check out his website and Facebook page.