Fierce Drag Queen Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

Australian photographer Aaron Walker has documented the transformation of various Aussie drag queens in his stunning photo series called “Dragformation.” A former performer himself, Walker managed to capture both the inner and the outer beauty of the person exploring his or her identity.

“Drag is about pushing boundaries, defining and constructing yourself as an artist to see just how far you can take an idea, a skill, a persona or an identity,” Walker told The Independent. “It’s a way to re-imagine yourself without societies limitations. Drag does not have to mean that you work within the binary of male or female, it is not just about switching from one gender to another anymore, it can be a lot more about the act of transforming itself, into someone or something ‘other.’”

#1. Dion del Pino

#2. Daniel Jones/Jemima handful

“It’s the transformation process that is interesting to me, rather than the final look,” Walked told Broadly.

“It’s the amount of time and the attention to detail, from walking off the street and into the dressing room, to walking on stage. That’s a three-hour period of hair and makeup. …It’s really interesting. With most of the drag artists that sit for me, their before shots are slightly awkward—it’s a slightly uncomfortable process for them. But once they’ve transformed into their drag persona, they’re very confident and know exactly how to model for the camera.”

#3. Daniel Nauthe/Nancy Buoy

#4. Shay Evans/Felicity Frockaccino

#5. Coco Jumbo

#6. Lexi Leigh/Sexy Galexy

#7. David Galle/Linda Lamont

#8. Andrew Dessmann/Christina Andrews

#9. Lachlan Loki Rickus

#10. Blake Lawrence/Canoe

#11. Colin McLean/Polly Filla

#12. Matthew Hines

#13. Henrique Ricky Beirao/Rhubard Rouge

#14. Dan Newell / Dandrogyny

#15. David Lloyd/Apocalypstik

#16. Jasper Newstead / Krystal Kleer

#17. Dominic Taranto

#18. Simon Morrison-Baldwin/Lady Diamond

#19. Rocco D’Amore

#20. Shahmen Suku/Rhada La Bia