15 Hilarious dogs Who Don’t Understand The Meaning Of Personal Space

These crazy dogs don’t care about your personal space. Their top priority is their own comfort—and no one else’s! They know what they want, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. Here are 15 examples of dogs hilariously failing to understand the meaning of personal space.

#1. What’s it like being the small person in a packed car…

dogs personal space 001

#2. This is what happens when a dog still thinks it’s a puppy…

huge dog

#3. Wait…You mean you didn’t buy this seat for me?

dogs personal space 002

#4. Oh.. you thought it was your wife!

dogs personal space 003

#5. Please inform the butler that I’m ready for dinner!

dogs personal space 004

#6. Cats make great pillows

cat pillow

#7. Don’t be silly. I’m light as a feather!

dog in bed

#8. We heard strange noises, are you ok?!

dogs in toilet

#9. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s my best friend!

best friend

#10. Thanks for the shoulder, buddy. I can’t believe she just walked out on me…

shoulder to cry on

#11. I demand a tonne of biscuits and a helicopter. Or else…well, you know what will happen!

dog butt

#12. I told you I don’t weigh that much!

huge lap dog

#13. I’m a dog — that means I’m supposed to be at my master’s side, at all times…

dog in toilet

#14. Don’t move a muscle. I’m just about to drift off…

dont move

So what channel is the Netflix?

huge dog on lap