20 Hilarious Comics That Perfectly Sum Up The Disappointing Beauty Of Relationships

Finding a person you click with is the easy part of starting a relationship. It’s the emotional baggage that almost everyone carries with them that is often the reason for a breakup. But as long as you’re both in it for the long run and willing to work through anything, your chances of survival are actually pretty good.

Though it’s not always easy to recognize your own issues and quirks, artists have this magic touch to illustrate how complex people really are. And if you’ve been told for the 37th time “it’s not you, it’s me,” then their outside look could be just what you need to understand why you might be struggling in relationships. So, have a look below at these funny comics that perfectly sum up the disappointing beauty of relationships.


#2. Sweet talk

#3. What’s yours belongs to the two of you. What is hers, is hers. Need any more explanation?

#4. It’s your favorite movie, not hers. Just enjoy the fact she is sitting or lying beside you.

#5. That moment he realizes she is not to be crossed, particularly in front of another pretty woman.

#6. Don’t trust old sayings, they mean nothing. Trust your heart and your gut, and just go for it!

#7. You don’t need to plan anything elaborate to enjoy each other’s company. Know what works for the two of you.

#8. When she didn’t give up on you despite your awkwardness stage well into early adulthood.

#9. When he is 100 percent honest with you, even if the answer is not what your heart and mind wanted to hear.

#10. It’s often said that it’s a fine line between love and hate. What’s worse than hate is apathy.

#11. Looking at things from a different vantage point can sometimes help to understand that the relationship is not as bad as you think.

#12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but that doesn’t mean you don’t know when your lover is desired by others.

#13. Guidance

#14. How not to pick up women

#15. The Law Of One More

#16. Her idea of sweating it out are completely different from his. Although, her version will make them both healthier and strong

#17. When men’s obsession with breasts get so out of hand, you begin to wonder if the romance is with the person or the bosom

#18. If it didn’t happen to me personally, I wouldn’t believe this shit happens

#19. We’re thrill seekers

#20. The apartment’s getting a bit crowded already