How The Same Girl Looks In Dressing Rooms In 11 Different Stores

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A camera may never lie, but Russian blogger Inna is here to prove that mirrors do. The woman went to 11 different stores and took selfies in their fitting rooms to see how her reflection changes in comparison to a mirror selfie she took at home. And, boy oh boy, she almost looks like a different person in some of the photos! She concluded that lightning does make all the difference. Have a look for yourself! [Continue reading below…]

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A mirror selfie Inna took at home before shopping

#1. Promod

With this curtain, I look like Superman with his cape, and I love it! More seriously, the clothes stand out better and you immediately see if they fit you well or not.

#2. New Yorker

The greenish light of this cabin creates a psychedelic atmosphere, and the mirror increases the proportions of my silhouette. I do not want to stay here for more than five minutes.

#3. Ostin

I’m sure the fitting rooms should not be so dark because suddenly ALL dark clothes blend with the bottom. As in this picture.

#4. Bershka

Hmm, this lighting gives me a pink color. Almost like the little pig Babe. Provided it is not roasted.

#5. Mexx

Very. Little. Space. Almost a coffin. You feel claustrophobic, it is better to try the clothes in the shop itself. The very pale face in the mirror only intensifies this sensation. It must be confessed however that my silhouette does look pretty good.

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