How The Same Girl Looks In Dressing Rooms In 11 Different Stores (Part Two)

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Russian blogger Inna went to 11 different stores and took selfies in their fitting rooms to see how her reflection changes in comparison to a mirror selfie she took at home. And, boy oh boy, she almost looks like a different person in some of the photos! She concluded that lightning does make all the difference. Have a look for yourself! [Continue reading below…]

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#6. Reserved

God, I’m as big as that? The reflection of this dressing room did not please me at all. In addition, the door does not close.

#7. Zara

It seems that we have entered a hall of mirrorsĀ and that at some point in the mirror on the left a serial killer will appear… Would he hide behind this coat on sale that caught my attention? Anyway, I’m sure he’ll never be as scary as my face lit from above, which creates pretty convincing contrasts.

#8. Stradivarius

There is not much space, but I feel at home and I am not afraid of anyone. The lighting is light and it does not irritate my eyes; The mirrors do not transform my figure very much.

#9. Mango

I love my reflection in this mirror. I like the light that does not disturb the eyes, and that softly shines on my shoulders… I think I will buy this blue dress from the new collection.

#10. Sela

I could live in this room! The lighting is nice, a good mirror, I look pretty and young. I haven’t looked this good to myself in a long time.

#11. H&M

The fitting room is pretty good. Not great, but absolutely not bad. There is a lot of light, a lot of space to put your stuff, and the reflection of the mirror is pretty good. I will come here when there are markdowns.

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