This Bug Is So Cute, You’d Wish You Had A Pokémon Ball To Catch It

Bugs as a whole, tend to get a bad rap. While most of them are harmless, or even beneficial to our very way of life, people rate them anywhere between a serial killer and a Grizzly on the list of things we don’t want to see in our homes.

But this many-legged friend might change your view on bugs yet. It’s called the Rosy Maple Moth (yes, even the name is adorable) and I never thought I would ever say this, but this bug might be the cutest thing you’ll see all day! Take a look for yourself.

#1. Meet the world’s most adorable insect

cute bug 007

#2. She almost looks fake…

cute insect 008

#3. …But she’s a thing

cute insect 002

#4. She is a Rosy Maple Moth…Google it.

cute bug 005

#5. I am in love…

cute bug 004

#6. They’re so fuzzy and adorable

cute bug 003

#7. From now on, I will call them Rainbow sherbet moths

cute bug 002

#8. They live in the North America and Canada

cute bug 001

#9. Hiya!

cute insect 006

#10. It’s so fluffy, I can’t handle it!