This Clever Crocodile Bookmark Turns Your Books Into a Literary Swamp

I know what you’re thinking — why buy a bookmark when it’s so much easier and cheaper to stick any piece of paper in your book?

That might be true, but sometimes you come across a bookmark that’s just way too awesome to ignore. For example: this bookmark, that resembles the top half of a crocodile lurking in the pages of your favorite book, silently waiting for the right moment to draw you back into the story…

Crocobookmark 005

Designed by Peleg Design, this clever bookmark makes your beloved page-turners even more fun to read.


Crocobookmark 002

And if you aren’t a fan of crocodiles, there’s also the equally threatening Hippo, or the equally awesome zipper bookmark for sale.

hippo bookmark

zipper bookmark

The CrocomarkHippomark and the zipmark are are currently available on Amazon.