25 Creative Winter Hats That Will Make Heads Turn

Winter season is quickly approaching, and if it does get chilly in your area, you need to arm yourself with some ginger cookies, hot wine, and creative headwear. Crochet hats will not only keep you warm and cozy, they can be great presents, too! Some frustrating experience has taught me that it’s never too early to get ready for Christmas, so if you’re into DIY presents, you might want to start knitting now.

Need some inspiration? Scroll down for these 25 creative winter hats! Some of them are so cool, you might want to wear them even if the temperate doesn’t drop below zero in your hometown!

#1. Fox Cowl

crochet-winter-hats-1       Image source: Ravelry

#2. Optimus Prime Crochet Hat

Image source: Like Cool

#3. Batman Hat

Image source: The Whoot

#4. Cthulhu Ski Mask

Image source: Etsy

#5. Snow White Hat

crochet-winter-hats-27       Image source: Etsy

#6. Deer Antler Snood

crochet-winter-hats-5       Image source: Etsy

#7. Fawn Hat

crochet-winter-hats-26       Image source: Ravelry

#8. Yoda Hat

crochet-winter-hats-8       Image source: Imgur

#9. Christmas Gift Box Hat

crochet-winter-hats-23       Image source: ChilyPhilly

#10. Olaf Hat

crochet-winter-hats-20       Image source: HopefulHoney

#11. Viking Helmet

Image source: Drgibbs

#12. Burger Hat

crochet-winter-hats-21       Image source: ChilyPhilly

#13. Cthulhu Ski Hat

crochet-winter-hats-4       Image source: Etsy

#14. Hello Kitty Hat

crochet-winter-hats-25       Image source: CrochetInColor

#15. Totoro Hat

crochet-winter-hats-7       Image source: Etsy

#16. The Beholder Hat

crochet-winter-hats-2       Image source: Imgur

#17. Bumble Bee Hat

crochet-winter-hats-12       Image source: Craftsy

#18. Minion Hat

crochet-winter-hats-15       Image source: Craftsy

#19. Brain Hat

crochet-winter-hats-6       Image source: TruKnitting

#20. Christmas Tree Hat

crochet-winter-hats-11       Image source: Amazon

#21. Crochet Baby Aviator Hat

Image source: Etsy

#22. Iron Man

Image source: Etsy

#23. Cap With Beard

Image source: Neatorama

#24. Aligator Hat

crochet-winter-hats-14       Image source: Etsy

#25. Christmas Pudding Hat

crochet-winter-hats-24       Image source: ChilyPhilly